Our Story

This Is How Openjourney
Was Born

April 3, 2023...

On that legendary day, Openjourney was born as a part of our research project. Our co-founders are from Sri Lanka, USA, Protugal, and Australia, and we are all a small group of curious computer science students who love everything about AI. We started Openjourney as a small closed project, but after seeing the restrictions on accessing general-purpose AI for the public, we decided to launch Openjourney to the public as a Discord bot.

And here we are! With over 150K+ users and over 8000 servers across Discord in less than a year, we are really appreciative of all the donors and Patreon supporters who helped us to keep this project free and alive for this long. Thank You!

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Meet Openjourney Creators

Sandaru Tharuneth

Co-Founder, CEO, Head Dev


Co-Founder, UI/UX, COO

Jana Mendez

Co-Founder, Lead Dev, CFO

Keshava Anuhas

Senior & Backend Dev

We deliver great quality and performance
while offering you the most recent AI Tools

Research and Discovery

Explore cutting-edge AI models to enhance image generation capabilities. Our continuous research ensures Openjourney stays at the forefront of innovation, delivering unique and high-quality outputs for your satisfaction.

Information Architecture

Crafting a solid foundation for Openjourney's AI capabilities. We organize data and optimize processes to ensure seamless integration and reliable performance, providing a structured environment for creative image generation.

Design & Development

Our team of skilled developers transforms ideas into reality. From conceptualization to implementation, we design and build Openjourney's features with precision, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience for users seeking powerful AI image generation.

Quality Assurance, Launch

Prioritizing excellence, we rigorously test Openjourney to guarantee impeccable performance. From thorough quality assurance checks to a successful launch, we're committed to delivering a reliable and polished AI image generation bot for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Openjourney?
​​​​​​​We have Answers!

How can I get started?

Simply invite our bot, Openjourney to your server and use "/imagine" with your prompt to generate an image. A more detailed guide is available in our documentation.

What are Bits?

Bits are our platform currency system that is used to generate images and use other AI tools. Every user gets 100 Bits for free every month, and more for donors and Patreon supporters.

How can I earn Bits for free?

You can earn Bits for free daily by voting for us on Top.gg and earning 20 Bits per vote.

Does the bot get regular Updates?

Yes! We regularly update our bot with new features and bug fixes. You can check the full changes on our changelog page.


We are trying our best to keep the service online at all times, but sometimes due to outages of our third-party services that we use on Openjourney there will be some downtimes.

Start Your Journey With Openjourney

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